MUJ ONWJ Shareholders

MUJ ONWJ was established in 2017 with the composition of share ownership of PT. Migas Hulu Jabar by 82.42%, PD. Petrogas Persada Karawang by 8.24%, PD. Wiralodra Indramayu by 4.71%, PT. Subang Sejahtera by 2.93%, and PT. Bina Bangun Wibawa Mukti by 1.7%. At the end of 2017 there was a purchase of shares of PT. Migas Hulu Jabar by PT. Jakarta Propertindo with 20.29% shares, based on the RUPS LB MUJ ONWJ/LB MUJ ONWJ Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders dated December 19, 2017, and Deed No. 29 dated December 19, 2017, regarding the Approval and Ratification of the New Shareholders, namely PT. Jakarta Propertindo.

As for the PI holders of ONWJ block in the future, they will manage ONWJ block with a composition of 90% PHE ONWJ and 10% MUJ ONWJ

With the Joint Agreement between the Regional Government of West Java Province and the Regional Government of DKI Jakarta Province regarding the Distribution of  Participating Interest 10% in the Offshore-North West Java Work Area/block which was signed on July 10, 2017, followed by an Agreement regarding the Distribution of the Amount of PI and Share Ownership of PT. MUJ ONWJ between PT. Migas Hulu Jabar (MUJ) and PT. Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) which has also been signed on July 10, 2017, and has purchased shares of PT. MUJ at PT. MUJ ONWJ then PT. Jakpro has officially become one of the shareholders of PT. MUJ ONWJ in accordance with the RUPS LB/ Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders on December 19, 2017.